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A Message from the President…

August 25, 2008

Dear Fellow Cemeterians,

I am honored to serve as President of the Association of Alabama Cemeteries. I am excited about the upcoming year and working with the newly appointed Officers and Board of Directors.

I hope everyone enjoyed the 2008 Tri-State Convention in Bilioxi, Mississippi. As always, it was great to make new friends and renew old friendships. My family and I had a great time! My husband even did his part in boasting the cash flow there at the Beau Rivage Casino and I feel sure the casino will be inviting us back soon.

Special thanks to our sponsors for their presence and support; without them we could not have the success we have. We had wonderful speakers again as well. Please mark your calendar for next year’s Tri-State Convention at the Royal Sonesta Hotel in New Orleans hosted by the Louisiana Association.

Membership is always on the front burner of any association so I challenge you as members to reach out and make sure your surrounding funeral homes and cemeteries are invited to become a member or let the membership Committee know. There is strength in numbers.

Legislative challenges will lay before us again most likely this year. The Legislative Committee will keep a watchful eye and make recommendation as needed. Any updates or notices will be post to the web site (

Please review your Board of Directors and call upon them as needed.

If you have any comments or suggestions, please call me at 256-708-3483 or e-mail at Again thank you for your support and confidence.

Yours truly,

Ann Williams